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    Clan search

    You paid your 40K gold, and created your first clan, and it’s awesome, but it’s also lonely. There’s no one to boss around. You need some new recruits, so you post in the forum, “Come join my new clan Awesome, because we’re awesome,” but wait, you’re not done.

    Now, you have to post some lengthy instructions on how your new recruits can add you as a friend in their Game Center account and once that’s done, how they can find you in the game. Of course, now that you’re Game Center friends, they know your real name and see what other games you play, and maybe you don’t even really like the person, so you kick them out of the clan, but now things are just kind of awkward.

    Now, all of that is soon to be history. Supercell announced that the next client update will have the much-asked-for clan search function. Now, when you are recruiting or just feeling lonely, you can simply post your clan name and players will be able to search for your clan from within the game. They’ll see your clan message and will be able to join, without the awkwardness of getting all personal.

    So, after the next App Store update, search for my clan The Bullies, then click Join, but don’t feel rejected when you’re denied, because you’re not really a bully, not deep inside.





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    1. Ami Goldi
      October 22, 2012 at 12:25 pm

      Even worse is when someone leaves your clan for any reason, if you’re not Game Center friends with them, they may never find their way back. This new feature will make it easy for them to return.

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